Welcome Event Organizers


What We Sell

Primarily, we sell marimo moss ball aquascapes. Marimos are easy to care for living plants! Learn more about marimos on our FAQ page. They are great for adults that don’t have a green enough thumb to manage an airplant or a succulent. Marimos are also great for teaching children responsibility with low risk since they are so easy to maintain! Plus, kids think they are magical. We also sell kinetic flow rings, flower crowns, and various “enchanted” items.


How We Sell It

We have a couple of different set-ups depending on the space available and feeling of the event. For renaissance/fairy festivals we usually pack our iron cart (shown above). For shows that are outdoors we have a decorated tent pavillion which we may bring our iron cart or our 6 foot table. For smaller shows that require less presentation, we have a 6 foot table that will be decorated with a cream cloth, a wood grain overlay, and a grass runner.

Throwing a party and need a unique favor?

With a minimum purchase of 30 marimos you have the option of The Sylvan Stall attending your party or event! We’ll bring the iron cart (shown above) to display your favors on and we’ll be on hand to hand out favors and answer questions. Send us an email here to inquire about scheduling.